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About Us

Incorporated Jan 2018, decades of experiences as professional creatives, social entrepreneurs and full-time parents not only brought us together as a team of work-colleagues, activists and friends since 2002, but also gave us the collective drive to work on something positive where our collaborative skills could be put to real use in terms of Public Health solutions.

After a hectic first year setting up offices, A.V. production studios and industrial R&D / training facilities in Hertfordshire, Cornwall and Devon, while road-testing project pilots UK-wide, we now look forward greatly to working to further develop our various divisions with our existing beneficiaries, delivery partners, clients, sponsors and the general public.

We’re also looking forward to reaching out further afield to collaborate with 3rd parties, combining our creative energies, technical skills and industry expertise to deliver more record and video releases, cultural events, youth outreach, health & wellness, eco-construction and academic projects, all aimed at improving Public Health with The Arts and Conservation at the core of our ethos.

Clients & Delivery Partners

Our clients and delivery partners include charities, universities, academic and literary publishers, independent creatives and social entrepreneurs, nonprofit human rights and arts organisations, local authorities, educators, schools and youth clubs, along with commercial brands, record labels, broadcasters, entertainment industry professionals, and advisors and mentors from the nonprofit, business and training sectors.


Engagement in creative self-expression, the key factor in our work, has shown to improve an eye-opening range of different lives and situations. Hip Hop practice and associated aspects of Soundsystem Culture are particularly suited to this due to the inclusive nature of both their community-centric sets of values and nurturing of multifaceted, flexible and transient skills.

We work with and for a variety of disadvantaged members of society including non-obvious and harder-to-reach demographics and communities. This includes, but is not limited to children and young people with additional needs and their families, disengaged people of all ages and backgrounds - often with substance-abuse, mental health, bullying, domestic-abuse, gang and poverty related issues, including those in home-schooled communities / excluded from school, those leaving care / trapped in the criminal justice system.

Plans are now also in place to look at the development of arts-centric conflict-resolution and family reunion initiatives based around collaborative creative play in order to further benefit individuals and communities. We welcome all and any suggestive input.  

Longterm Impact

Our beneficiaries also include key decision-makers in terms of Arts, Education, Public Health and Youth funding policy, in particular the non-initiated as regards the inherent social responsibilities and community based value-set of Hip Hop Culture - and the beneficial effects of Hip Hop practice. We aim to provide funding think-tanks with the required information to help them improve their funding policies for arts-based social entrepreneurs, by documenting and evaluating the impact of various projects in the form of an Impact Case Study due for completion late 2023 entitled “Hip Hop in Public Health - Practical Implementation” (A.J. Russell, NEWBIAS CIC & A. De Paor-Evans, UcLAN).