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Donations, Funding & Sponsorship

We’re always hugely appreciative of the financial support we receive from the public, institutions and responsible corporate donors, however small the gesture, often relying on such funding at different points in the year for core sustainability at such an exciting time. We plan to spend the rest of the year steadily expanding our team developing our various divisions, projects, products and revenue streams. The more resources we have at our disposal to achieve this, the more lives will be improved as a result, it’s that simple. All help gratefully received. Please help if you are able or forward our links to those who can. In particular we would like to discuss match-funding with the right people. Thank you.

We spend your financial donations on such essentials as:

  • subsidised rental of studio-units, offices and R&D facilities
  • purchase, maintenance and salvage of equipment
  • project set-up consultancy and management costs
  • commissioning creative content, services and promotion
  • statutory cost such as insurance legal and accountancy costs
  • cost of training and safety checks eg DBS

We will also shortly be offering a robust and dynamic sponsorship package for the right type of partner brands. Interested parties will need to adhere to our ethical guidelines for consideration. please get in touch for further information.

Physical Wishlist

In terms of physical assistance we are in particular seeking the following:

  • musical instruments, DJ/PA equipment, A/V tech and hardware (eg stands) of all kinds (working order and PAT tested preferred)
  • BIG BOXES! - Shipping containers, Artic Lorry trailers, Welfare Units, Statics, Hospitality Units, Portaloo/shower unit buildings etc  (up to 40ft)
  • tourer caravan / trailer shells, wheels and chassis
  • flatbed trailers
  • carpets and curtains, memory foam / judo matts or similar for fire-retardant, eco-friendly upcycled studio/workshop unit soundproofing
  • wood panelling and boards / acoustic panelling / sheet metal
  • office  / school / studio furniture
  • heaters, fridges, electric shower units
  • large tents, geodomes, groundsheets, outdoor stoves + bbq’s for Summer Camp activities  
  • Solar Panel / Wind Turbine / Biodiesel generators / converters

“FUNDING IN KIND” (free or discounted goods and services):

Other ways to help include allowing us access to utilise the following:

  • busy promo platforms to disseminate our work eg websites, social media / YT channels
  • Music Venues and Soundsystems
  • funded space for installations at cultural events
  • HGV Haulage for donated conversion units
  • Transport solutions eg bus / coach
  • professional consultancy and labour hours (ALL TRADES)
  • vocational training, mentoring and work experience hours for young people
  • various other B2B services and goods for free / at cost

Please contact us with your ideas or for more information on how to help and one of the team will get back to you asap.