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NEWBIAS CIC provides Arts-based Youth Outreach Services with Educational & Motivational Projects and Solutions, servicing Arts Organisations, Schools, LEA'S, Youth Clubs and Home-Schooled Communities.

Our main aim is to engage and stimulate young people in order to encourage and support the next generation of confident and innovative musical artists, groups and producers, with sessions combining a unique array of hands-on Hip Hop production skills, Dub-engineering techniques and elements of traditional musicianship while boosting confidence in individuals and groups to express, experiment and collaborate.

Click here for letter of reference: Dr J Williams, Head of Music Department, University of Bristol UK.



Hip Hop is a 45 year old community-based culture built around a simple set of 5 core values:  PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, HAVING FUN and KNOWLEDGE.

These manifest through a set of holistic arts-based practices that lead to the development of a transient set of life-skills, highly applicable to many other areas of personal development, education and learning, wellness and therapy, in particular the early prevention of antisocial behaviours and attitudes that left unchecked lead to disadvantaged adults in society.

Creative expression is well-documented to increase levels of self-esteem, empowerment and social responsibility among individuals and communities. The widely inclusive range of practices and skills as developed within Hip Hop are particularly effective toward this aim, and at NEWBIAS CIC we have seen and felt it’s positive impact both first-hand and indirectly.

Hip Hop Practice & Related Skillsets

These have developed considerably since the 1980's, resulting in many new types of career and employment, including but not limited to:

  • Music Production, Live & Studio Engineering
  • DJ'ing
  • Human Beatbox (vocal percussion)
  • Beat-making, Finger / Pad Drumming & Live Looping
  • MCing / Rap / Vocals / Voice Over / Hosting / Presenting / Reporting
  • Creative Writing & Literacy
  • Contemporary Poetry & Songwriting
  • Dance
  • Video Production
  • Event management
  • Visual Arts
  • Fashion Design & Merchandising
  • Entertainment Business
  • Engineering, Technical Design  & Construction
  • Socio-cultural / Economic / Historical and Geo-Political Studies
  • Business Management
  • Community, Public Benefit Projects & Social Entrepreneurialism
  • Teaching, Mentoring & Counselling

Headskillz Workshops

Workshops & Tuition - General Practice & Skillset Development

Interactive group workshop and individual tuition sessions in Hip Hop skills and hands-on modern music production tech, from initial introductory demos to advanced collab sessions.

  • Rhythmical Development - beat patterns, tempo and timing
  • Live Drumming, Percussion and Beatmaking on drum pads (fingerdrumming)
  • Live Looping with Boss Loopstation and Kaoss Pad, mics, pads, Midi controllers + keyboards
  • Sound engineering and digital Dub FX
  • Music production + arrangement basics
  • Human Beatboxing / Vocal Percussion
  • Music Industry & general business + Q+A

Our goal is to use Hip Hop practice help engage support and encourage the next generation of innovative musical artists and producers, while also using our sessions to help boost vital self-confidence, and encourage self-discipline, teamwork and respect for others, all transferable to other areas of life and career development.

We look forward to working with you on the delivery of projects that remove barriers to access and participation in the Arts, in particular those supporting disadvantaged young people, and non-obvious demographics in harder to reach areas.

(2021 installations booking from late Spring depending on Covid19 restrictions)

For pricing on workshop sessions, please contact us, stating your requirements including session location, duration and frequency, along with group size, age and ability. (Enhanced DBS and Public Liability Insurance as standard).

Realtalk Sessions

Rhyme Writing Exploration & Performance Workshops for Disengaged Young People

A hands-on support platform designed for disengaged young people, including those especially those excluded / at risk of exclusion from school with problems at home, including bullying / gang / domestic-abuse / substance abuse issues, to use their own engagement in the Arts to bring themselves back towards a Positive Self-Image through confident individual self-expression, leading to:

  • improved standards of Behaviour in and out of school
  • improved attitudes to Curriculum Learning
  • improved interest in vocational qualifications and experience leading to Career Development

The rhyme-writing exploration sessions involve a light-touch self-counselling aspect,  providing the missing platforms to encourage the therapeutic development of self-knowledge and self-esteem as a coping mechanism for trauma via the catharsis of artistic self-expression.

Areas explored via this process include:

  • the student's sense of identity as it truly is,
  • how they think it is perceived by others, how this makes them feel and how they want it to change
  • how to get what they want everyone to really know about their feelings and values into a rhyme
  • how to get that rhyme ready to perform as a Rap
  • opportunities to further build self esteem performing this to an audience and/or record audio / video
  • identifying firm life-goals and establishing a series of steps leading towards them, often including
  •   re-engagement in curriculum learning and the attainment of qualifications and work experience
  •  leading to career opportunities in their chosen field.


Over 2018/19 we conducted regular one-to-one sessions with several beneficiaries including:

  1. an 11 year-old with PTSD and cultural issues stemming from domestic abuse
  2. a 16 year-old suffering from depression excluded from school after overdosing on Xanax
  3. a 43 year-old with heroin and crack addiction and a history of violent criminal behaviour suffering from depression and hyper-vigilance disorder following bereavement and serious assault.

Our beneficiaries unanimously agreed they felt more confident to express their true feelings in a creative context, and that they had found the hands-on jam sessions fun and surprisingly inclusive, inspiring them to further pursue creative endeavours as a coping mechanism. In the case of the 11 year-old, our sessions also further inspired his mother to write and publish her own cathartic poetry.

We may not provide all the solutions but based on our own research and experience we advocate the Hip Hop approach as a particularly invaluable way to engage those who feel too disaffected, victimised and excluded to admit, express and begin to cope with their issues using traditional methodologies.

Online Workshops

Learn to beatbox and more via Zoom with CARPETFACE on #WorkshopWednesdays

40 min sessions BOOKING SOON! Watch this space!