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Hip Hop Studies

We welcome further opportunities to present papers, panels, workshops and a variety of other creative content for installations at cultural events and broadcasts, academic symposia and the like.

We look forward greatly to hearing from you about your own projects and organisation, and how we may also be able to assist, collaborate or consult on creative content.

With Hip Hop rapidly approaching its 50th birthday and some of its impact on public health finally gaining the attention of academics and funding policy-makers, this is undoubtedly the most inspiring time ever for scholars, practitioners and champions of Hip Hop Studies, in particular in the UK and Europe.

Despite the development of Hip Hop Culture and the gradual documentation of the beneficial effects of its practice over the last half century, we are only now truly beginning to scratch the surface in terms of:

a) officially recognising it as a holistic, eclectic set of coping mechanisms able to unlock and restore the practitioner's self-esteem and determination to achieve - and as such, beneficial to Public Health.

b) proactively implementing it further as a natural direct response to the mass cuts in youth and arts funding that have coincided cross the board with youth disengagement from the education system, lower academic achievement rates and fewer career prospects for young people, leading to serious problems in adult life.

Through our publicly broadcast product-release and event campaigns along with localised Hip Hop based projects, we plan to raise awareness of international and local societal problems, assisting with developing Hip Hop-based coping mechanisms, teaching and enhancing transferable creativity and knowledge.

Our work in academia centres on further revealing and highlighting the positive impact of Hip Hop on society, especially in terms of harder-to-reach communities and non-obvious demographics.

By shifting the educational paradigm and perception of hip-hop culture, our goal is to improve policy for arts and youth program funding by putting Hip Hop theory into real, measurable practice.

Forthcoming Book Project

“Hip Hop in Public Health – Practical Implementation”

Co-authored by Adam J Russell (NEWBIAS CIC) and Adam De Paor-Evans (Reader in Ethnomusicology, UcLAN).

Our activities as a CIC over the next 3 years will contribute towards gathering academic evidence for funding think-tanks that will attest Hip Hop practice is beneficial to Wellness & Mental Health, Education and Career Development.

This evidence will be presented as an Impact Case Study framing impact and social significance of ours and other projects. This case study will be developed over 2021-2023 by NEWBIAS CIC in partnership with Adam de Paor-Evans, Reader in Ethnomusicology at University of Central Lancashire, UK.

The aim of the report is to further educate local authorities, funding bodies and broader society - in particular the uninitiated - of the positivity and transferable knowledge, support mechanisms and set of life-skills embedded in Hip Hop culture.

Contributions To Conferences & Symposia:

June 6-8 2019

The European Hip Hop Studies Network ELEMENTS conference

Presentation: “HEADSKILLZ & THE NEW BIAS” by AJ Russell

A 30 minute interactive presentation on modern tech’s influence on engagement in Hip Hop practice, its beneficial impact on those taking part and some of the struggles facing non-profit practitioners seeking funding.

Nov 2018

Panel: Hip Hop & HOPE #7 @ “Hip Hop Hub London” event chairing panel discussion, ChipShop Brixton :“Reflecting the Times vs Commercial Success in Hip Hop”

July 2018

Rope-A-DOPE 4, UK Hip Hop Symposium with Bristol University, Preston UCLan. B-Line Recordings. Chairing 90min Panel Session : “Rap's Role Models – Social Responsibility in Hip Hop”

June 2018

Hip Hop & HOPE #4

Funding special: Reinforcing THE BRIDGE between Practice and Theory, The Arts & Public Health at The Bridge 2, Sage Gateshead, Newcastle UK for the CoMusica charity.

May 2018

Hip Hop & HOPE #3 “Poetry in Protest & Freedom of Speech vs Commercial Success” at Shindig Weekender “Word Stage” Bruton Somerset UK

March 2018

Rope-A-DOPE 3 UK Hip Hop Symposium, Rope Walk Bristol UK

Roundtable panel speaker “ On the Synergy between Practice and Theory”

Dec  2017

Hip Hop & HOPE #2 panel speaker and co-chair on roundtable discussion on: “Knowledge of Self” at Junction House Dalston London UK

Nov 2017

Hip Hop & HOPE #1 : “Hip Hop and Social Change – first questions on the road to HOW?”at Rope-A-DOPE 2, Bristol UK